A Place at the Table for Everyone.

At Westfield, we are committed to being a church where everyone, everyone, everyone is welcome. While we strive to live that motto into our everyday life as a community, our building doesn’t mirror that commitment. To that end, we would like to install an elevator that would make every level of this historic building accessible to all as well as make our bathrooms accessible.

Westfield has long been at the geographic and social center of Danielson and Killingly.  For years, the Windham Men’s Association met in our Sanctuary, the church chartered a Boy Scout Troop, and has hosted numerous other civic organizations. By making this historic building fully accessible, groups will not only have access to more space, but they can be confident that they are welcome at Westfield.

My husband and I moved here last year so I went to the internet to find a church. What drew me to Westfield Church was a comment on their website that says everyone is welcome. I have two special needs children so that’s important to me. The first time I went to church every person came up and welcomed us–a genuine welcome. They really wanted us there. I’m excited about the capital campaign. We can do it. I think the church can be a beacon of hope for people.

Allison Gauvin

Mother of Four, Danielson, Connecticut

Number of Stairs to Third Floor

Distance of Ramp Access (in feet)

Height of Front Steps (in feet)


Going Up

Construction began on the original building in 1854. The Christian Education wing’s levels (1923) are offset by approximately four feet. Which means steps are necessary to gain access between levels in each building and between each building. The elevator will serve levels in both the original 1854 building and the newer 1923 addition.

Everyone is welcome. Seriously.


Going Down

Originally built with an outhouse, our current restrooms were later additions. This campaign will enable us to remodel existing restrooms to be handicapped accessible and to add additional restrooms on our ground floor and sanctuary levels.

Support Our Campaign

Donations can be made online through PayPal.

You can also send donations to Westfield directly:
Aspire Campaign
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