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Far above the streets of Danielson the steeple of the Westfield Congregational Church, United Church of Christ stands as a beacon of hope for residents of our communities. In good times and bad, the steeple has stood tall. It is there for all to see form hill and dale–a bold proclamation that faith, comfort and support can be found at Westfield Church, regardless of our beliefs.

From the founding of the first church in 1715 near Killingly Hill, to the building of the church in the “west field” (opposite the current Tillinghast Funeral Home on North Main Street) to the opening of the present church building in 1855, all have been welcomed over the centuries. We are a progressive church committed to providing authentic worship opportunities alongside intentional spiritual development. We strive to live our faith in the world through service, prayer, and a warm welcome. Here, you’ll find solace, support, and a spiritual home.

I’ve been a member at Westfield Church of 50 years. Westfield has provided direction for so many people over the years. There’s a peacefulness here that helps keep you centered. And now, with our new minister, there’s also an excitement, an energy, that hasn’t been felt in this community for years. Pastor Jon is motivational and inspirational. The church is under new management, and it’s bringing our town back to life! Sheryl Kempain

Co-Chair, Aspire Campaign

The Westfield Church has always been a part of my life. My parents were married there, I was married there, and my children were baptized there. As a business owner in Danielson, I want to see a thriving downtown area. Having a fully restored church will give the Westfield Church more opportunities to serve the community.



Christian Sarantopoulos

Co-Chair, Aspire Campaign

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