Our Story

Spanning more than 300 years, it's a story for the ages.

Years as a congregation

Age of Current Building

Number of families that mortgaged their homes to build a new church in 1801

1708-The town is incorporated by the General Assembly of Connecticut.

1711-”Kellingly” asks John Fisk, a 1702 Harvard Graduate, to form a church in order to settle the town, and gives him 350 acres of land. Residents are taxed to provide meeting house and minister’s house.

1715-The first meetinghouse is completed, located at the foot of Killingly Hill. The First Church in Killingly is organized with ten male congregants. Mr. Fisk (pastor, 1715-1741) was ordained.

1734- Church members known as “Separates,” influenced by revivals, request permission to start a church in South Killingly as a more convenient location

1757-The church building was moved to Killingly Center now Rt. 101, near Cook Hill Rd and Cat Hollow Ext.

1772- Regular church services discontinued. A period of wide religious declension and decline in the United States.

1796- A few former members started a new meeting house (church) building in the “west field,” now North Main St., Danielson, on land donated by Dr. Penuel Hutchins and Mr. Robt. Howe. Some mortgaged homes to raise $3,000 for a continuing support fund. Not yet an organized church and as such is unable to find a pastor.

1801- New Church of Christ in the West Society of Killingly  in the west field is organized. The congregation still has no pastor.

1804- The name Westfield began to be used for church and community. Rev. Gordon Johnson (1804-1809) called as first pastor.

1829- The Ladies Benevolent Society is organized.

1839- The first choir was formed. Railroads reach Danielsonville.

1886-Pipe organ installed in sanctuary.

1901- Centennial Celebration. Tiffany gives $3,000 toward $10,000 to build Parish House addition to church building. Not completed for another twenty years.

1937- Steeple and front of church reconditioned.

1938 – Steeple toppled by hurricane. New steeple designed and built.

1951- Sesquicentennial Celebration of Westfield Church. Electronic organ replaces pipe organ.

1960- Westfield Church becomes a member of the United Church of Christ. Name changed to Westfield Congregational Church, United Church of Christ.

1970- Westfield votes to sponsor first public housing project for the elderly in the community–Westfield Village.

1979- The Westfield Village Senior Housing complex is completed and dedicated.

1999- Congregation adopts Chalice Hymnal. 2001- Year of Bicentennial of Westfield Church.