Greater challenges in a new era.

For almost 300 years, the Westfield Church has served as the heart and soul of greater Killingly, including Attawaugan, Ballouville, Dayville, Dyer Manor, East Killingly, Rogers, South Killingly, and the borough of Danielson. But time and the declining fortunes of our community have taken a toll. The Westfield Church, and its beautiful steeple, needs restoration.

A leaky, failing roof, a weathered steeple, peeling paint, aging public facilities and a lack of access for the handicapped require an investment that is too significant for the church community alone to manage. That’s why we’re reaching out to the greater Killingly Community to help us save and restore this beautiful landmark, which has watched over our villages for generations.

We’re asking everyone to demonstrate their faith–faith in our shared history, faith in the restoration of downtown Danielson and faith in the heart of our communities and our future. Regardless of your beliefs, together we can accomplish great things, including the full restoration of this magnificent and historic landmark.

Alice Tillinghast was a ball of fire. She became a member of the Westfield Church when she married Waldo Tillinghast when she was 62. She loved the church. She donated the cross for the altar and many other things. I remember going to church suppers with her when I was a little girl. She was passionate for life and never lost her energy. In 2006 she fulfilled a lifelong dream of visiting Fenway Park when she threw out the first pitch at a Red Sox fame. She was 102 years old. When she died she was almost 108. She would have loved what’s happening at the church now.

Mimi Swabby

Niece of Alice Tillinghast

The Need

  • Re-shingling of the church roof
  • Reconstruction of the steeple
  • Elevator access to all floors and facilities
  • Restoration of the building exterior and sanctuary

The Goal

To meet these needs, we’ve se the Aspire Capital Campaign goal at $835,800.

Support Our Campaign

Donations can be made online through PayPal.

You can also send donations to Westfield directly:
Aspire Campaign
c/o Westfield Church
210 Main Street, Danielson, CT 06239