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The Heart of Killingly



It’s been nearly 307 years since our congregation was founded. Over the centuries, we’ve learned a thing or two about what it means to be a community of faith. One of them is simple: just show up. Another is fun: celebrate. In the last five years, we’ve hidden more than 11,000 Easter Eggs, planned a parade, and baked countless pies. We’ve buried our dead and memorialized many in our community. We’ve celebrated the end of our Aspire Campaign, blessed new pew cushions and padded around on new carpet. Our goal is to care for the heart of Killingly, just as we have for more than three centuries. But more than just caring, we want to be the heart of Killingly.

Our active membership has increased more than 65% in the last three years with the number of folks calling Westfield their home growing by the week. Every chance we get, we work to welcome people. We say it again and again in worship. It’s a common theme in our weekly communications. We’ve strung up banner after banner with that message, and we even created another set of our six rainbow doors since our original is on tour in the state of Connecticut.



Our ongoing commitment to care for the Heart of Killingly has blossomed into monthly Be Our Guest Suppers, free meals that feed anyone in our community looking to eat along with Soup on Sundays, a weekly free soup supper during the coldest months of the year.
 Our staff is growing, too! We’ve long said that children are at the heart of what we do. And now, we’ve committed the resources needed to really make a difference. We strive to live this commitment to welcome not just on Sunday morning, but throughout the week in the many and varied ways our building provides support for the community. From the Interfaith Stitchers to Girl Scouts and Cub Scouts, Westfield is always buzzing. Our space is regularly used by the Red Cross for blood drives, by Generations Healthcare for playgroups, by the WIC clinic, not to mention by area citizens organizing to address local issues. Every year, we welcome local students back to school with our Welcome and Wave event, and we welcome them into our building for their annual town tour during which they get the ring our bell!

Our work with the Killingly-Brooklyn Interfaith Council enables us to work with groups like the Fuel Fund and participate in annual events with our interfaith siblings. And each December through Victorian Christmas, our church becomes a reminder to the entire community of John’s words, “A light has shined in the darkness, and darkness has not overcome it.”


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This year, our Blessing of the Backpacks yielded more than 300 backpacks to local students. We’ve blessed students, teachers, first responders, welcome mats, pew cushions and animals—all of it highlighting our commitment to being a vital and vibrant contributor to the Killingly community. For years now, we’ve planned a parade for our little town and redefined Christmas for the region. Additionally, we anticipate offering more than $3,000 in direct assistance from our Pastor’s Discretionary Fund in 2018. 


where everyone, everyone,

is welcome.

It’s a fundamental commitment of our congregation. The truth is that we don’t always get it right. We drop the ball and we miss the mark. Sometimes, we totally blow it. But we try. And when we screw up, we apologize and strive to do better.

We believe in being human. And we believe in God’s grace. Your financial support empowers the mission and ministry of this congregation that’s been changing lives for more than 300 years. Thank you.

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