Just for Kids

Children are always welcome at Westfield!
Learning about the faith of others helps us to grow deeper in our own faith. Children take part in our weekly Sunday School, while we offer periodic studies that focus on engaging conversations about our understanding of God.  Often the studies are framed around liturgical seasons.



Percentage of Children Welcome at Westfield

We are happy to provide nursery care for newborns through age 3.  Our nursery care is provided by a paid staff member who has CPR/First Aid training. She is aided by a rotation of reliable volunteers, many of whom are parent’s themselves. Children are certainly welcome in Worship. But for those for whom it’s too long, we provide nursery care as an option.

Children 3 years old and up are invited to participate in Westfield’s Sunday School. Each class has adult staff leading children in learning the stories of our faith and about the traditions of the church.  Sunday School begins around 10:15 on the 1st, 2nd and 4th Sundays following Children’s Time with our pastor. On 3rd Sundays, children begin in Sunday School, then are welcomed into worship in time to share in the celebration of Holy Communion.

We also absolutely welcome and love to have kids in worship. We believe a noisy sanctuary is a sign of growth–so don’t worry about your kids not making a sound!