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Welcome to the Westfield United Church of Christ website!  We are glad you’ve chosen to visit us, and we welcome you to join us on our faith journey as we seek to do God’s work in this world.

Westfield Church is a United Church of Christ congregation  founded in 1715, that is welcoming to all people — no matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey.  We pride ourselves on being a church that is friendly and we seek to welcome all people into our family.  We gather for the worship of God every Sunday at  10:00 a.m. and childcare is provided.  Our worship is energetic, faithful, and fun.  Our sermons seek to relate the Bible to real, everyday issues, that people are struggling with.  And we always welcome children. 

As a church community, we believe we are called to do God’s work in the community at large. To that end, we dedicate  a great deal of time, money, and talents supporting: CROP walk; Warm Hearts, Warm Homes; the Killingly-Brooklyn Interfaith Council; Friends of Assisi; and many others.

The people of Westfield are kind-hearted, friendly, and faithful people. Together we invite you to worship and welcome you to become part of our family. We hope you’ll stop by some Sunday to join us — I know you won’t regret it.  For as we always say, “No matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey, you’re welcome here!”

The Rev. Dr.  Jonathan Chapman

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Everyone, everyone, everyone is welcome at Westfield. 

1708-The town is incorporated by the General Assembly of Connecticut.

1711-”Kellingly” asks John Fisk, a 1702 Harvard Graduate, to form a church in order to settle the town, and gives him 350 acres of land. Residents are taxed to provide meeting house and minister’s house.

1715-The first meetinghouse is completed, located at the foot of Killingly Hill. The First Church in Killingly is organized with ten male congregants. Mr. Fisk (pastor, 1715-1741) was ordained.

1734- Church members known as “Separates,” influenced by revivals, request permission to start a church in South Killingly as a more convenient location

1757-The church building was moved to Killingly Center now Rt. 101, near Cook Hill Rd and Cat Hollow Ext.

1772- Regular church services discontinued. A period of wide religious declension and decline in the United States.

1796- A few former members started a new meeting house (church) building in the “west field,” now North Main St., Danielson, on land donated by Dr. Penuel Hutchins and Mr. Robt. Howe. Some mortgaged homes to raise $3,000 for a continuing support fund. Not yet an organized church and as such is unable to find a pastor.

1801- New Church of Christ in the West Society of Killingly  in the west field is organized. The congregation still has no pastor.

1804- The name Westfield began to be used for church and community. Rev. Gordon Johnson (1804-1809) called as first pastor.

1829- The Ladies Benevolent Society is organized.

1839- The first choir was formed. Railroads reach Danielsonville.

1886-Pipe organ installed in sanctuary.

1901- Centennial Celebration. Tiffany gives $3,000 toward $10,000 to build Parish House addition to church building. Not completed for another twenty years.

1937- Steeple and front of church reconditioned.

1938 – Steeple toppled by hurricane. New steeple designed and built.

1951- Sesquicentennial Celebration of Westfield Church. Electronic organ replaces pipe organ.

1960- Westfield Church becomes a member of the United Church of Christ. Name changed to Westfield Congregational Church, United Church of Christ.

1970- Westfield votes to sponsor first public housing project for the elderly in the community–Westfield Village.

1979- The Westfield Village Senior Housing complex is completed and dedicated.

1999- Congregation adopts Chalice Hymnal. 2001- Year of Bicentennial of Westfield Church.