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You feel very welcome here; we pray, sing, have coffee, cook, and smile together. We cry together and celebrate together. I find new me and new realization every Sunday at worship. The pastor is wonderful (oh, he CAN sing!) and energetic. The music ministry is another favorite part of mine. We are well engaged with the community like participation in town events, fundraising supper, bazaar, and Christmas events. No dull moment!

Yori Ayotte

Teacher, Woodstock Academy

My only goal in coming to Westfield was to find peace. I recently suffered a loss in my life, and whenever I’m at Westfield, the pain eases. It might be God’s grace, the warmth of the people, or the pure light and joy which emanate from the Reverend Jon Chapman. Or all of the above. Whatever it is… I’ll take it!
Missy Meyers

Chief Operation Officer, Generations Healthcare

Most wonderful church with the most wonderful pastor and a good, kind, welcoming congregation. I wish every day was Sunday! Come experience this place for yourself. I felt so uplifted after the first service we attended and have been back every Sunday since. I love Westfield UCC – they had me at hello!

Amy Costello Palmisciano

Pulmonary & Critical Care Nurse, Rhode Island Hospital

In all of my 58 years I don’t remember feeling so at home and where I belong the way I do here. I prayed for the church where I would truly hear the Lord speaking to me and this is where He brought me.

Melodie Fontenault

Owner and DJ, Fun2Know Music

Westfield church is an extremely welcoming family of individuals from unique backgrounds and economic status that firmly believes that everyone, everyone, everyone is welcome. Pastor Jon is amazing and provides our congregation with love, friendship, and guidance. Come experience it for yourself!

Holly Bennett

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher, Killingly Public Schools

Attending service and discussion help my understanding of world situations….hard and healing…inspires me to be better and do better.
A welcoming, comfortable feeling immediately descended upon me as I settle in for service.

Beth Bender